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Finding Work in Indonesia

For foreign nationals, finding a job in Indonesia is not always as easy as some imagine. One of the most fundamental questions you must ask yourself is: Are my skills and experience needed in this country? And if so, is there someone here willing to pay for them? And if so, how much are they willing to pay for them?

There are a number of ways to approach finding work in Indonesia, some of which include:


Lodging your CV with a recruitment agency is a good way to ensure that you are informed if any positions become available that matches your requirements. They can also be a great source of information and should be able to give you an honest assessment of your market value within Indonesia.


There are two main job sites currently in operation within Indonesia. While the number of expatriate positions advertised is limited it can be helpful in understanding what the local salary would be for somebody of your skills and which companies are recruiting high volumes of people. Please review www.jobstreet.co.id and www.jobsdb.co.id


Networking at social and business events is a good way of trying to find work. There is no shortage of networking events within Indonesia and attending a few of these events can be useful in building business and social relationships.


There are two main English publications (The Jakarta Globe and The Jakarta Post) within Indonesia both of which will advertise jobs for the expatriate community of Indonesia. Saturday is usually when most companies choose to advertise positions.

... and remember if all else fails, you can always teach English! ;)


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