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Fixed Line Telephone Services

Indonesia has three fixed-line operators: Telkom, Bakrie Telecom (Esia) and Indosat.

Telkom Telkom (51% owned by the state) lost its monopoly on fixed line services in 2000 but still dominates the sector because it owns most of Indonesia's copper network. Esia and Indosat offer fixed wireless telephone services but they are yet to pose a serious challenge to Telkom.

The number of landline installations in Indonesia has slowed in recent years, as most people prefer to use mobile phones and the internet for their communications. A landline in the home or office generally offers better value for money than using a mobile phone. Despite that, Telkomsel's revenue from landline subscribers is now less than 10%.

To get a landline, call Telkom's service outlet finder center on 0-800-1-835566 or 021-2555 5500.

For complaints and repairs, call 117.

For billing information, call 109.

For international call enquiries, call 102.

For other issues, Telkom's head office (it's in Bandung) can be contacted on 022-4521404. The corporate customer care number is 021-3863000.

Before moving into a new residence, make sure the telephone is working and that outstanding phone bills have been paid. Your landlord should provide proof of payment for the most recent bill. Also, ask your landlord for the address of the local Telkom office, where bills can be paid.

Paying a phone bill used to mean a trip to a Telkom office, but bills can now be paid via ATMs and by e-banking, and also at Alfamart convenience stores and post offices. You should pay your monthly bill before the 20th of each month or you will face additional charges. If you fail to pay by the 30th, you will be unable to make outgoing calls.

Telkom has two main websites. One is www.telkom.co.id and as of February 2014 it has several gaps. The better one is telkom.net. With a bit of patience you should be able to navigate your way around the site and find what you're looking for, such as area and country codes. There's also a full list of Indonesian city dialing codes on wikipedia.

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