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Health & Medical

Medical practice is not universal; medical customs, indications and procedures differ widely between countries and indeed patients' expectations differ even more. If uncomfortable with this and seeking “the same as at home”, as in other aspects of expatriate life, you will be stressed, upset and sometimes angry.  If prepared for these differences and having taken the necessary precautions, this situation need not remain the source of chronic complaint and anxiety that it is for some for the whole of any expatriate posting (usually their first and last!).

  • Immunizations
  • Recommended Hospitals & Dentists
  • Ablutions
  • Before coming to Indonesia people should - as for any trip overseas - already have a sufficient supply of any prescription medicine needed until the next trip home. This is because while you may be able to continue that supply from a local facility, or you may find a local substitute acceptable to your original prescribing physician, this is not guaranteed; especially in the dire economic situation Indonesia finds itself in.

    Early in your stay - before there is an emergency - identify the closest medical facility with English-speaking personnel or indeed with staff who speak the language of your preference.  Ascertain its working hours and its reputation if possible.  If in Indonesia for the first time, bring your overseas medical records with you to familiarize your new doctors with your past medical history and the results of your pre-deployment check-up.

    Because the approach to the provision of medical care to both the population and the individual is quite different in Indonesia to what you may be used to, try and become a consumer of local health services to spot the differences BEFORE there is an emergency. Form a relationship with a doctor and clinic/hospital that you feel comfortable with.

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