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Internet Service Providers

Upon moving to Indonesia, one of the first things most people need is a reliable and fast internet connection. If you live in a major metropolitan area, there will be a bewildering array of choices.

While internet service providers (ISPs) in Indonesia are steadily improving, it can be a challenge for businesses and individuals to find a service that meets their needs and budgets. Service reliability can vary widely from place to place, even within the Jakarta area, so a good ISP in one area may not be so good in another.

The most reliable option may be a combined cable TV and internet package, which can cost as little as about $40/month (once taxes and fees have been added). Cheaper options may cause headaches.

The different types of internet access available include: broadband cable, fiber-to-the-home, mobile broadband wireless modems, USB modems, ADSL, satellite, dial-up and wi-fi hotspots. If you want reliability, the best option may be a combined cable TV and internet package.

Note that just because an apartment's management recommends a particular ISP, it may not necessarily be your only choice or the best value or reliability. Ask neighbors for advice on which ISPs are best and which are problematic.

Mobile broadband wireless modems and USB modems, which use a range of different technologies, may be good if you're often on the move, but they can be prone to extreme slowness and frequent disruptions. They are never as fast as their advertised speeds. USB modems can be purchased from electronics kiosks in many malls and at ISP company outlets from Rp 75,000 to Rp 699,000.

ISP Price/Performance Comparison

ISP Technology Quota Speed TV Price
FastNet cable unlimited 6 Mbps 67 channels Rp 279,000
Innovate cable unlimited 10 Mbps 46 channels Rp 290,000
Max3 cable unlimited 5 Mbps 76 channels Rp 500,000
IndosatM2 cable unlimited 1024 Kbps none Rp 500,000
Telkom Speedy ADSL unlimited 3 Mbps none Rp 685,000
Smartfren Connex CDMA 9GB 14.7 Mbps* none Rp 150,000
Bolt! 4G 30GB 72 Mbps* none Rp 200,000
esia CDMA 20GB 3.1 Mbps none Rp 200,000

* Actual speeds of Smartfren and Bolt! are invariably much, much slower.

Below is a list of some of Indonesia's ISPs. All prices listed in tables are monthly, unless otherwise indicated. Note that prices and packages often change, so check ISP websites for current prices.


First MediaFastNet is provided by First Media and is available only in parts of Jakarta and Surabaya. Check on their registration page to see if your location is in their coverage area. If you want cable TV and a reliable internet connection, sufficiently fast for instant streaming, then FastNet is probably your best option. In addition to its TV/internet Combo packages, FastNet also offers internet-only services.

After you complete the online registration form, a customer service representative will call you to make an appointment for an installation. The installation will cost at least Rp 200,000, including 30 meters of cable. Additional cable is charged at Rp 10,000/m. You don't pay the technicians but instead pay later electronically.

A downside of FastNet is that you have to use their cable modem, which has a monthly rental fee of Rp 20,000 to Rp 60,000 depending on which type of package you're subscribed to. You can't just buy the modem. You can however, buy a wireless modem from them for Rp 400,000 if you want to set up a wireless network. All FastNet charges are subject to an additional 10% tax. The hidden charges mean that their basic combo package of 94 channels and 6Mbps internet, listed as Rp 279,000, actually costs closer to Rp 380,000. This is still tremendous value. If you are late paying your monthly account, they will disconnect you.

FastNet is owned by Lippo Group.

Fastnet Combo Packages

Product Quota Speed TV Channels Price
DLITE HD unlimited 6 Mbps 27 HDTV, 67 SDTV Rp 279,000
ELITE HD unlimited 10 Mbps 35 HDTV, 79 SDTV Rp 389,000
SUPREME HD unlimited 16 Mbps 47 HDTV, 95 SDTV Rp 609,000
MAXIMA HD unlimited 32 Mbps 47 HDTV, 96 SDTV Rp 1,379,000

FastNet Internet Only Products

Product Quota Speed Price
FastNet Commerce unlimited 10 Mbps Rp 659,000
FastNet SOHO unlimited 15 Mbps Rp 989,000
FastNet Ultimate unlimited 60 Mbps Rp 2,035,000
FastNet Infinite unlimited 100 Mbps Rp 2,979,000


InnovateInnovate uses Hybrid Coaxial Fiber (HFC) and Fiber To The Home (FTHH – a type of fiber optic cable) technology to offer internet and cable TV.

There is an installation fee of Rp 300,000. A SmartBox has to be rented monthly from Rp 40,000 to Rp 60,000 depending on the type of subscription. Prices do not include 10% tax and a monthly Rp 5,000 administration fee.

Innovate is owned by PT Mora Quatro Multimedia (MQM), which was founded in 2010 and is a unit of the Sinar Mas Group.

Innovate Internet/Cable TV Packages

Product Quota Speed TV Channels Price
DuoFUN unlimited 10 Mbps 46 channels Rp 290,000
DuoSPARK unlimited 20 Mbps 62 channels Rp 500,000
DuoFESTIVE unlimited 40 Mbps 73 channels Rp 875,000
DuoAMAZING unlimited 50 Mbps 73 channels Rp 1,275,000
DuoFESTIVE unlimited 100 Mbps 46 channels Rp 2,000,000

Innovate Internet Only Options

Speed Quota Price
10 Mbps unlimited Rp 200,000
20 Mbps unlimited Rp 350,000
40 Mbps unlimited Rp 600,000
50 Mbps unlimited Rp 1,000,000

Biznet: Max3

Biznet Max3Max3 offers combined internet and TV services in Jakarta, Bekasi, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Serang, Bandung and Denpasar (Bali). Internet-only service is available in Semarang, Yogyakarta, Malang and Surabaya. The company uses fiber optic metro ethernet and hybrid fiber coaxial cable.

You will have to sign a six-month contract for an apartment and a 24-month contract for a house or office. New subscribers have to purchase a Rp 500,000 starter pack, comprising: cable installation, broadband cable modem (on loan) and set-top box (also on loan). Prices do not include10% VAT.

Max3 is part of Biznet Multimedia, which is owned by PT Supra Primatama Nusantara.

Max3 Internet + Cable TV Packages

Product Quota Speed TV Channels Price
Fun Package unlimited 2 Mbps 43 channels Rp 250,000
Family Package unlimited 5 Mbps 76 channels Rp 500,000
Theater Package unlimited 10 Mbps 92 channels Rp 1,000,000
Premiere Package unlimited 25 Mbps 92 channels Rp 2,000,000

Biznet: Small Business Internet Service: metroNET

metroNET is a fiber optic broadband service for small-medium business, offering speeds from 1.5 Mbps to 75 Mbps. It uses two technologies: ethernet and FTTH, depending on the building location.

Installation costs Rp 1 million. A 24-month subscription is required. If you decided to terminate or change the service before the contract expires, you'll be hit with an early termination fee of Rp 4.4 million. Prices are subject to 10% tax.

Product Quota IP Address Price
metroNET 1 Mbps unlimited Dynamic Private Rp 600,000
metroNET 2 Mbps unlimited Dynamic Public Rp 1000,000
metroNET 4 Mbps unlimited Dynamic Public Rp 1,750,000
metroNET 8 Mbps unlimited Dynamic Public Rp 3,000,000
metroNET 20 Mbps unlimited Dynamic Public Rp 7,500,000
metroNET 50 Mbps unlimited Dynamic Public Rp 15,000,000


IndosatM2This should be an option only if you reside in one of the residential complexes where it is already installed and you can't get anything better. IndosatM2 uses fiber optic and hybrid fiber coaxial cable with a maximum access speed of 1 Mbps.

Coverage is limited to certain residential complexes in Java:
Jakarta: Graha Sunter Pratama, Griya Inti Sentosa, Kelapa Gading Mediterania, Sunter Danau Indah.
West Java: Bandung, Kota Wisata Cibubur, Pesona Khayangan Depok.
Surabaya: Margorejo, Citra Raya, Nginden.

Indosat is 65% owned by Qatar Telecom, while the Indonesian government holds a 14.29% stake.

Product Quota Speed Price
IM2 Cable Internet A unlimited 512 Kbps Rp 350,000
IM2 Cable Internet B unlimited 1024 Kbps Rp 500,000
IM2 Cable Internet C unlimited 384 Kbps Rp 200,000

Indosat Metro Internet

Should you want some of the most expensive internet access in Indonesia, Indosat offers broadband internet and virtual private network services. There is an installation fee of Rp 5,000,000.

Speed Quota Price
256 Kpbs unlimited Rp 7,800,000
512 Kpbs unlimited Rp 10,000,000
1024 Kpbs unlimited Rp 15,600,000
2048 Kpbs unlimited Rp 28,000,000
5120 Kpbs unlimited Rp 54,000,000
10240 Kpbs unlimited Rp 98,000,000

Indosat offers satellite and broadband internet business solutions, including for remote locations. These services are named Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Gold and Silver, and are priced from Rp 2,950,000 to Rp 19,400,000 per month.

Telkom Speedy

Telkom SpeedyTelkom Speedy uses ADSL to deliver internet access to households and small-medium businesses at speeds from 384 kbps to 10 Mbps.

Speedy also offers TV plus internet packages and a vast range of other internet options, but its website is so poorly designed that finding information is difficult.

There is an introductory offer of low prices for the first-three months of subscriptions but prices then increase to those in the table below.

Product Quota Speed Price
Speedy 95 ribu Unlimited 512 Kbps Rp 150,000
Speedy 250 ribu Unlimited 1 Mbps Rp 250,000
Speedy 250 ribu Unlimited 2 Mbps Rp 485,000
Speedy 485 ribu Unlimited 3 Mbps Rp 685,000

Telkom is is 51.19% owned by the government, with the remainder of shares held by the public.


SmartfrenSmartfren appeals chiefly to people who are constantly on the move and those who are trying to save money. It is notoriously unreliable and offers super-fast speeds that most users will never experience. Ironically, its slogan is: “I hate slow.”

The company uses CDMA and EV-DO (Enhanced Voice – Data Optimized) technology, which breaks down further to Rev A and Rev B (the latter being superior). Users have to buy a Smartfren USB modem or a mini router, as well as a SIM card – and can then theoretically enjoy internet access from many locations. Pre-paid subscriptions range from Rp 50,000 (for a 1.75GB quota) to Rp 200,000 (for 12 GB) per month. The company often changes its prepaid plans.

Smartfren has been owned by Sinar Mas Group since 2009.


BOLT!Bolt uses Super 4G LTE (which means fourth generation mobile telecommunications technology using the Long Term Evolution standard, including ultra-broadband internet access). As of May 2014, the service is available only in certain parts of Jakarta and its satellite cities.

The company offers the astonishingly fast download speed of “up to 72 Mbps” but many users complain that Bolt is unreliable and they never get remotely close to the promised speed.

Bolt sells a 4G mobile wifi router for Rp 299,000, which can be connected to eight devices simultaneously, such as laptops, tablets, PCs and smartphones. The router has a battery life of about three hours and then needs to be charged. Bolt also offers a USB modem for Rp 199,000, and a home router for Rp 1,199,000.

Before buying any Bolt products, first check the coverage area map, which is riddled with gaps, and ask people in your area whether they find it works. Just because a vendor insists that your address is covered by Bolt, it may be useless. Credit, which lasts for 30 days or 60 days, can be purchased via BCA ATMs and ATMs with the Bersama logo, as well as at Indomaret convenience stores.

Bolt! Packages

Price Quota Speed* Active For
Rp 25,000 2 GB 72 Mbps 30 days
Rp 45,000 4 GB 72 Mbps 30 days
Rp 100,000 10 GB 72 Mbps 30 days
Rp 150,000 20 GB 72 Mbps 60 days
Rp 200,000 30 GB 72 Mbps 60 days

* Actual speed may be slower than a dead snail, depending on your location.

Bolt is owned by Lippo Group.


esiaIf you've tried and failed with Smartfren and Bolt and still want to persist with USB modems, then esia sells a wide range of CDMA EV-DO modems from Rp 75,000 to Rp 249,000. Service is reputed to be more reliable than Smartfren, in certain areas.

esia has a range of packages with different quotas. Many comprise a basic quota and a bonus quota. “Confirmation claims” need to be sent to activate the bonus data, which must then be used within seven days. It is an annoying process, designed either to reduce internet usage or to discourage customers.

Esia is owned by Bakrie Telecom.

Esia Packages

Product Quota Speed Price Active For
Pol unlimited 3.1 Mbps Rp 20,000/hour hourly
Mini 2.8GB 3.1 Mbps Rp 25,000 30 days
SuperMega 6.5GB 3.1 Mbps Rp 50,000 30 days
SuperGiga 16GB 3.1 Mbps Rp 100,000 30 days
Combo 25.3GB 3.1 Mbps Rp 150,000 30 days
Fantastis 20GB 3.1 Mbps Rp 200,000 180 days
Ultimate 35GB 3.1 Mbps Rp 500,000 60 days


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