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Types of Recruitment Firms

Executive search (retained search):

Executive search companies specialize in recruiting Board Level personnel. The executive search firm receives a fee for conducting a thorough search based on investigative market research and networking. No advertisements are placed nor is there a reliance on a database as due diligence is stressed in finding a candidate. The typical fee structure for this type of recruitment is a fixed fee with payments of 33 percent on position being issued, 33 percent on delivery of a shortlist of candidates and 33 percent for final delivery.


Boyden International

Tel: + 62 21 5140-1519


Egon Zehnder International

Tel: +62 21 526-6318


Korn-Ferry International

Tel: +62 21 573-9933



Contingency search / executive selection:

Typically these agencies concentrate on senior management positions (say, assistant vice president and above) and specialist recruitment. Contingency search companies in Indonesia rely on advertising, research, professional networks and databases to locate candidates. These companies match candidates to the clients' needs and supply them on a success-based fee structure. Some companies may charge administration charges or deposits but more often than not the company will only pay a fee if it hires somebody. The typical fee structure is to charge 20 percent of the first year's total annual gross income.


*Monroe Consulting Group

Tel: +62 21 781-7040


*Potentia HR

Tel: +62 21 5790-3976


*Verity HR

Tel. +62 21 521-2108


(* Managed by expatriate)


Commercial recruitment

Commercial agencies work assignments that range from entry level to junior management (typically under Rp 10 million/mo. jobs). They rely heavily on advertising and internal databases and work on a contingency basis. The typical fee structure is to charge 15-20 percent of the first year's annual gross income.



Tel. +62 21 5696-4366



Tel: +62 21 724-6261


JAC International

Tel: +62 21 315-9504



Outsourcing recruitment

Outsourcing companies specialize in supplying large volumes of contract staff (white or blue collar). Typically, outsourcing agencies will gather applicants from advertising, job fairs and walk-in interviews. The salaries in this area will range from Rp 1 million to Rp 5 million per month for supervisor level. Fee structures vary greatly (between 8 percent and 15 percent) depending on staffing numbers and level of service required.


Advanced Career Indonesia

Tel: +62 21 719-3370


Outsourcing Indonesia

Tel: +62 21 789-1837


Supraco Indonesia

Tel: +62 21 719-1070




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